KEF 105 Measurements.

KEF 105 Measurements.

For my speaker measurements I use a Dayton EMM-6 Microphone and a Tascam US-144MK2. I use Room EQ Wizard and ARTA.

These were all done after the recap except for the spectral decay.

Individual drivers near field:


The levels and distances were not carefully matched, the mid was measured too high in level.

Response at listening position:


Well controlled bass, and a nice gradual sloping response after 10k.



Thd remains below 1% for most of the spectrum.

Spectral Decay:

KEF 105 Spectral Decay

This was taken before the recap and one id like to revisit. I believe the reading at 5khz is interference from the computer or the environment. Otherwise it shows a fairly clean decay with some mid range hash but no severe resonances.

For speakers made in 1979 I think they measure and sound excellent. The down side is the extremely low 85db efficiency. Even with a high powered amplifier you need a very dynamic (over 20db) recording for any sense of impact.