High Efficiency Speaker Project - Part 1

High Efficiency Speaker Project – Part 1

I┬áhave wanted to build a horn based high efficiency speaker system using pro style drivers for some time. I have recently started to piece together the components required for the build. Initially parts chosen will be on the budget end of things, and if I am happy with the project it will be easy to upgrade. 



Seos-12 Horn

I will be using the Denovo SEOS horn http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=300-7070 Coupled with the Dayton D250P-8 Compression Driver http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=270-402.


PD107 Midwoofer

PD107 Midwoofer


An eBay purchase, I will be using the Precision Devices PD107 midwoofer http://www.precision-devices.com/Product-Details/PD107 . It has the wide range and high efficiency I wanted and was purchased for a very reasonable price.


18PS76 Bass Driver

Another eBay purchase, the woofer is the 18ps76 from B&C speakers, http://www.bcspeakers.com/products/lf-driver-fe/archive/18ps76. This isn’t ideal, I was hoping for something with a lower fs to play lower, but it was the right price and any lack of bass can be cured with a subwoofer system at a later date. It still has excellent efficiency and power handling.


Initial Design:

My woodworking skills are not particularly good, so in this case I am opting to build a fairly straight forward box design. I have been inspired by the 70s JBL studio monitors such as the 4344 and 4345 seen here:

JBL 4344 and 4345

In the case of this project, I plan to house each driver in its own separate box so future driver changes and experimentation with different horns will be easy. Using my minimal photo editing skills I pasted together this rough outline of what I plan to build:

Big Blue Speakers


In part 2 I will discuss my current experiments with computer based crossovers.