Aleph30 30w amplifier DIY clone.

Aleph30 30w amplifier DIY clone.

Another Aleph? well what can I say, they sound good. Unlike my usual builds were cosmetics come second to me using as much recycled/scrap material as I can find this one is in a nice case.

This one is an Aleph 30, which is a second generation Aleph, basically an Aleph 5 (60 watts) with a lower voltage and bias, and an improved input stage. It uses 6 output devices per channel like the 5, over the 4 in the Aleph 3 which was also 30 watts. This gives lower output impedance, and lower distortion over the 3.

Boring details:

BrianGT Aleph boards
Modushop 4u case
3×22,000uf per rail Nichicon capacitors for 132,000uf total in CRC
Elna Silmics used on the audio board
500va 2x18v transformer
Currently biased at 2.4amps per channel, with 25v rails. 30-40wpc into 8 ohms.

It will idle somewhere around 200watts of heat.

The boards go together easily, The only downside is they use 4.1mm resistors which can sometimes be in short supply in certain values.

Alpeh 30 Boards

These are very nice boards to work with, well labelled, and look nice

Once the boards are done the heatsink needs to be drilled and tapped for the standoffs:
Aleph 30 heatsink

With the boards mounted I then mount the output mosfets and solder them into place:

The back cover for the case is drilled for the connectors:
Aleph 30 rear panel

Then it is really just a matter of mounting the power supply to the base, final assembly and wiring.
Aleph30 inside