2016 System Update


I am still using Rephase to build the crossovers, and the combination of Room EQ Wizard and DRCdesigner.

I have moved away from Foobar to Logitech Media Server using the local player plugin. This allows me to integrate Tidal with a remote, and make use of the sox resampler built into local player.
Local player outputs to Reapers Asio driver without issue.

I still use reaper to process the audio and run the crossovers with some minor differences. I am now using Reaverb, the built in convolution engine to run the FIR crossover filters and DRC correction filters. I also found that setting the volume levels for the individual drivers in Reaverb works better than using the setting in the I/O panel, as the level meters are not affected by the setting in the I/O panel, meaning you could potentially be clipping without the meter displaying it.


I have changed the Behringer sound card for a new PC using a Lynx AES16 and an Apogee Rosetta 800. I have also recently built a 10w Mini Aleph amplifier to power the horns. D300-1-0275
Teribil Audio Active System