Mini Aleph 10w Amplifier

Mini Aleph 10w Amplifier

I’ve been using a pair of 60w Aleph 5 clones in my system for a while now, since my system is active I fancied a lower powered matching amp for the horns. The aleph circuit can be scaled from 10w to 200w with a few changes in the driver circuit and more outputs.

I rescued the heat sink from a scrap variable speed drive for a 3 phase motor, the local machine shop cut it in two. I got some offcut 1/4″ plate aluminium so set about fabricating a case with my mediocre metal working skills.

Some boring details:

BrianGT through hole pcbs (
30,000uf per rail 60,000uf total nichicon gold power supply capacitors in CRC.
Elna Silmics for the rest of the electrolytics.
300va Antek 15v transformer.
20v rails biased to about 1.3 amps for 13-15w into 8 ohms.

The case is quite compact so I didn’t have room for a power supply pcb so I 3D printed a little holder for them and point to point wired it.