Using Room EQ Wizard with DRC Room Correction

DRC is an excellent free room correction suite by Denis Sbragion.

I wanted a slightly more streamlined method of using DRC with software I am familiar with so devised this method.

You will need:

DRC Designer by Alan Jordan

Room EQ Wizard


First take a measurement at your listening position as usual using Room Eq Wizard. There are excellent guides on how to use REW elsewhere so I don’t feel the need to repeat that here. Once you have a measurement for the left and right channel export the impulse response using these settings:

REW Export

I use 88.2khz for most filters and playback so I just make one measurement at that sample rate and call the resulting file l88.wav and R88.wav. If you want more filters for various sample rates just repeat the measurements at the various rates and export as above.

Next install Sox into an easy to find directory, I just use c:\sox. Place your exported impulse responses into this directory and run sox with the following command adjusting for your filenames and required sample rates:

sox l88.wav -t f32 LeftSpeakerImpulseResponse88200.pcm

sox r88.wav -t f32 RightSpeakerImpulseResponse88200.pcm

Sox is a command line utility. First bring up the command line by going to the start menu, run and type cmd.

Navigate to your sox directory and type in the commands above (or paste them)


I created a batch file to save time.

Place the resulting pcm files in the Drcdesigner/drc-3.2.0/sample folder and load up DRC designer.

This bypasses the internal sweep measurement of drc designer.

Load up DRC designer and go straight to the generate filters tab, select the required filters tab generate the required filters.

As Pointed out to me, be sure to use your mic calibration file here.

Drc Designer also has extra options for generating target curves, and custom filters in a user friendly way.

Once it is finished you can now load your filters in your chosen software/convolver. such as Foobar or Jrivier.

And finally a before and after showing how effective this process can be: