KEF 105 Recap

KEF 105 Recap

Things have changed for me in recent months. I have moved back to the UK and no longer have access to the machine shop so the projects on here will probably be a little more tame.

I have had these speakers for a while and never got round to refurbishing the crossovers. First step was to take the front bass baffle off and remove the crossovers.

.KEF 105 Bass Crossover Before

KEF 105 Crossover Before

Inside the bass Cabinet they were stamped with the date April 1979, They are quite tidy for something 33 years old.

KEF 105 Bass Cabinet InsideKEF 105 Bass driver

The tube in the center was for the speaker wire to enter from the base I guess for a neater appearence. The wire was pulled out and the caps replaced. The speaker sockets for the bass cabinet had also broken so new ones were installed.



KEF 105 Crossovers After

Then it was just a case of reassembly and putting them back in position.

KEF 105 And system

KEF 105

New Sockets Wired

In my next article I will provide measurements of these speakers.